by Alex Quail

Welcome to TTT Tours!

Created by identical twins and travel bloggers, Claire and Laura, TTT Tours offer female only group travel to destinations around the world.

Run in partnership with Intrepid Travel, TTT Tours offer solo female travellers the opportunity to visit destinations that they may not feel comfortable travelling to alone. Focused on sustainable travel and supporting female initiatives on the ground, TTT Tours guarantee authentic experiences, luxury accommodation and lots of laughs along the way.

Join us for our next tour to Uzbekistan in October 2023. A six night, seven day adventure through the country exploring Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

5 days in Marrakech

“As someone who loves to travel but doesn’t really have anyone to travel with, I’d often faced the dilemma of do I go at it solo or try out one of those group tours? I’m social and love company so leaned towards the group tours but I worried myself into thinking they might end up being some kind of adult version of the school coach trip where I didn’t really gel with anyone and I was forced spend my holiday basically shunted around on a battered bus. Well Laura and Claire’s tour couldn’t have been further from that. The entire group was a delight! It was like one big girlie holiday- the right amount of fun and energy, but also with downtime and chilled afternoon’s by the pool. The accommodation was gorgeous and just the right level of luxury where it was stylish and friendly but wasn’t going to cripple my bank balance. The activities were really fun and engaging and flexible enough to allow us free time to explore on our own if we wanted. I’ve made some great friends from it and highly recommend- in fact we are meeting up for churros this week.”

Laura Hyatt
Solutions Architect